Russian House

in Brussels

After having worked in Belgium for 25 years, we have become a center of attraction for people who share the desire to learn more about Russia and Russian traditions. 


More about us

We talk in a clear and simple language about Russia and its culture, history, sciences, technologies, land and people.

The Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Russian House Brussels) has been working under the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Belgium since the mid-1990s. The aim of our activities is to support humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Belgium. The Russian House Brussels’ activities are aimed at supporting and developing international dialogue and interaction; providing objective information about Russia and its culture and art, sciences and technologies, economy and regions, land and people; supporting and promoting the Russian language and Russian education, inter-university projects ; implementing youth programs and common humanitarian projects with Belgian partners; supporting compatriots living abroad.
Russian House Brussels is located in a 19th century building complex near Brussels’ main square, The Grand Place. The second building of the Russian House, where the Language School works and the Russian language courses take place, is located next to the Place Flagey, in Brussels’ legendary artistic district.

Our Team



Director of Russian House Brussels Europe


Tatiana Fedorova

Head of concert and exhibition projects


Vasiliy Rudenko

Curator of the Cinema Club


Maria Mamkaeva

Curator of the Children's Club and Library


Hasan Kolomazov

Technical Support Officer