III International
Youth Forum

Dialogue 2021

October 22 - 23, Brussels

The Brussels Dialogue is an international youth dialogue platform created in 2019 by the Russian House in Brussels-Europe. The main purpose of this annual meeting is to promote dialogue between young people from Russia and those from European countries, to encourage young Europeans to cooperate with their peers from Russia and to create a common cultural, scientific, informational and educational space.

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In 2021, the theme of the Brussels Dialogue will focus on saving the planet and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.


The forum will explore Russian and European experiences in the implementation of the SDGs, in particular those related to an affordable education, healthcare, environmental protection and climate change. It will be a call for action for young generations.

October 22

Looking forward better world. Youth sustainable initiatives

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October 23

Russian and Belgian performers

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October 23