Антарктика. 200 Лет Открытий

Antarctica. 200 Years of Discovery

Antarctique. 200 ans des découvertes

Antartica. 200 jaar ontdekking

Документальный фильм Российского Географического Общества

Documentary of the Russian Geographical Society

Documentaire de la Société géographique russe

Documentaire van de Russische Geografische Vereniging





Cinema Club

"Antarctica: 200 years of discovery" Documentary

in the Concert Hall: Rue du Méridien, 21, 1210 Bruxelles

Cinema Club supported by Russian Geographical Society (English subtitles)





200 Years of Dostoevsky

Crime and Punishment
(Part 2)


in the Concert Hall: Rue du Méridien, 21, 1210 Bruxelles

Cinema club

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By historical standards, the 1,418 days and nights during which the war was going on is just a short, elusive moment. But in terms of the greatness of the events and the tragedy of the experience, this is a whole era. Decades pass, generations change, but the Great Victory - a symbol of national unity, unyielding courage and fortitude, military glory and valor - is forever inscribed in the heroic chronicle of Russia. This is our day. In our memory, in our hearts, the feat of our fathers and grandfathers, who defended our Motherland, the right of people to life, burns and will burn.

For more than seventy years, films about the Great Patriotic War have been released in our country.
(the first of them appeared even before the war came to an end). We bring to your attention some modern Russian films about the Great Patriotic War. You can watch more films about the war in Russian in the selection of the online cinema Ivi. 

Panfilov's 28

2016 (historical)



2019 (historical)



2002 (adventure)


The dawns here are  quiet ...

2015 (drama)


White tiger

2012 (drama)



2019 (drama)

Interview with an astronaut
Victor Savinykh

Russian House in Brussels prepared an interview with a cosmonaut, scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Savinykh.

It was about the famous flight to the Salyut-7 station in 1985, which is considered the most difficult from a technical point of view in the history of Russian cosmonautics. After the equipment failure, the Salyut-7 station went into a completely uncontrolled flight. To regain control over the station, an expedition was sent on the Soyuz T-13 spacecraft consisting of Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh.