"22 June, exactly at 4 o'clock ..."

Eighty years have passed since the Second World War began. The war took the lives of millions of our compatriots, led to severe deprivation, and left behind destroyed cities and burnt-out villages. The country went through all this, survived and triumphed.

 On May 9, Russia celebrates the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This day is significant for all residents of our country because in every family there were people who fought for liberation from fascism at the front or in the rear. The memory of their feat lives in our hearts.


To the Blessed Memory

On the Great Victory Day, a solemn laying of flowers at the monument to Soviet citizens who died in Belgium during World War II took place at the Brussels cemetery.

...On eight fronts of my fatherland
The maelstrom of war has swept away
Ten lives every minute,
That makes six hundred lives every hour ...