Documentary "The White Silence"

When: June 16, 2021

Where: on the website of the Russian House in Brussels

36 minutes

Directed by Boris Dvorkin

English subtitles.

In the days when radio stations were rare, seagoing ships used to communicate with each other by means of a siren. One long beep meant attention, one short beep meant changing course to the right and two short beeps meant changing course to the left. Continuous, long and repetitive beeps and incessant and frequent banging on a bell or metal object meant that someone was in danger. Nikolai Ivanovich Evgenov has heard the melody of ships’ sirens more than once in his life. His entire life was connected to the sea. And not just the sea, but also the dangerous polar seas. The film tells the life of Nikolai Evgenov, an Arctic explorer, hydrographer and member of the Russian Geographical Society. N.I. Evgenov has worked in Arctic seas for about 40 years, took part in the famous Arctic Ocean Expedition, which led to the discovery of the Severnaya Zemlya. He also headed for many years the “Karsky” trade expeditions, including the one of the icebreaker "Krasin". In 1934 N. Evgenov took part in the voyage of the “Krasin” across two oceans to rescue the "Chelyuskin". Both the cape on the Severnaya Zemlya and the strait that separates Bolshevik Island (Severnaya Zemlya archipelago) from Starokadomsky Island are named after Evgenov. The film includes rare documentary footage, photographs and documents from the Russian State Archive of Economy, Arctic and Antarctic Museum and personal archives of Evgenov’s family.

The project is funded by the Presidential Grants Fund.