ExoAtlet’s Successful Participation in the RIN conference in Brussels

On the 12th of March, 2021, in frames of the conference Russian Innovation Night, hosted

by the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Brussels, Kate Bereziy, the CEO and founder of ExoAtlet Global, presented numerous successful cases on the effectiveness of the gate therapy with ExoAtlet medical exoskeletons for children and adults, as well as ExoAtlet’s non-medical exoskeletons for workers. She also gave an in-depth analysis of the concept of ExoRehabilitation and the exoskeleton market forecast for the next few years.

ExoAtlet is an international company headquartered in Luxembourg with manufacturing facilities in South Korea. ExoAtlet’s exoskeletons are being used in over 70 medical facilities across Europe, Japan, Kazakstan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and the US.

ExoAtlet specialises in the development of medical exoskeletons—wearable devices designed to help people with locomotor disabilities walk again. Since the company’s launch in 2015 in Russia, over 6000 patients have benefited from rehabilitation treatment using an ExoAtlet exoskeleton. “When the patients walk in our exoskeletons, their leg muscles start working again. As a result, their overall physical health and blood circulation improves. They feel better mentally, too.” - explains Ekaterina Bereziy, founder and CEO at ExoAtlet.

The outcome of the research with the ExoAtlet’s exoskeleton is the following: thanks to the exoskeletons the length of rehabilitation process is greatly reduced compared to a more traditional treatment without the exoskeletons. Moreover, patients’ tolerance to physical activities increases significantly and, only after a few sessions with the exoskeletons, the general well-being of patients improves, as well as their motivation to continue the gait therapy rises.

As CEO Ekaterina Bereziy explains: “If the lower limbs don’t move for an extended period of time, the brain stops considering these as parts of the body. The exoskeleton enables patients to move more, thereby enabling a quicker recovery."

Since 2019 ExoAtlet’s engineers have been developing unpowered industrial exoskeletons for workers ExoAtlant Torso, the first model that will appear on the European market this year.

ExoAtlant Torso supports workers over long shifts to reduce fatigue, eases their burden, and reduces the probability of occupational injuries. It reduces lower back strain during twisting, bending, and weight lifting by approximately 60%. Our team uses experience and knowledge of biomechanics they acquired while working on medical exoskeletons to make ExoAtlant Torso as effective as possible.

To learn more about ExoAtlet and discuss partnership and collaboration opportunities in research, physical therapy education and rehabilitation, you can contact mail@exoatlet.com.

More information about the company and products at www.exoatlet.com

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