Sculpture "Manneken Pis" on Russia Day dressed in a Russian guardsman costume

On June 12, Russia Day, the famous Belgian statue-fountain "Manneken-Pis'' was dressed in a historical costume of a Russian guardsman. The event was held with the support of the Russian House in Brussels within the framework of the international cultural project "Russian Seasons". Russian Ambassador to Belgium Alexander Tokovinin and representatives of the city administration took part in the presentation of the new costume.

The Ambassador expressed gratitude to the local authorities and President of the “Impulse for Europe” Association Serge Delven for organizing the ceremony. Alexander Tokovinin commented on the style of the new clothing for the statue. He noted that in the Russian tradition the image of a military man includes not only courage and readiness to defend the interests of the fatherland, but also cheerfulness and wit as well as the ability to overcome difficult situations and enjoy a peaceful sky overhead.

The main color scheme of the suit was cyan. The outfit reflects the main details of the historical wardrobe of the Russian Imperial Guard: a cocked hat, uniform, breeches, and cuffs. The garment will be donated to the collection of the Manneken Wardrobe Museum, which contains more than 1000 garments for the statue, donated by presidents, prime ministers, as well as representatives of various nations and organizations.

Russia has already presented 5 suits to the city. The first time in 1958, then the corresponding ceremonies took place in 1975 and 1993, and in 2003 the initiative to put a Russian spacesuit on the figurine was made by the astronaut of the European Space Agency Frank De Winne in connection with the Russian-Belgian mission to the ISS. On June 12, it was proposed to continue the tradition of dressing the Manneken Pis in national costume on Russia Day.