Russian innovative companies shared their ‘path to the stars’

On the 20th of April the Russian House in Brussels hosted a discussion with two key players of the Russian space market. The representatives of Skolkovo foundation and private company Sputnix joined the virtual platform to discuss future opportunities in space exploration. The meeting was moderated by the head of the Russian House in Brussels Vera Bunina.

During the discussion Ivan Kosenkov , the portfolio Manager at Cluster of advanced manufacturing technologies, nuclear and space technologies at Skolkovo, shared trends in the industry and presented specific cases to illustrate real steps towards the future. According to him, commercial space activities are dependent on government support and are backed with a view of space as a zone of national security interests

Ivan Kosenkov listed several industries that are considered as the most potential ones in the space industry such as space telecommunications and Earth observation. Interestingly, space is considered to play a major role to protect the ecology on the Earth via monitoring systems and new energy efficient technologies.

One of the Skolkovo residents Sputnix joined the discussion and supported the long-term views with specific examples. Vladislav Ivanenko, the head of the innovative company, listed succesful examples of the recent space missions. In the end of March the vehicle «Soyuz-2.1a» with «Fregat» booster was successfully launched from cosmodrome Baikonur. Among other small satellites the Russian private satellite for Earth remote sensing named «OrbiCraft - Zorkiy» made by «SPUTNIX» company was delivered into orbit. The head of the company Vladislav Ivanenko noted that the company is active in production of remote sensing satellite constellation. One of the initiatives that makes the step towards space popularisation is the education program for kids. The team hosts championships for youngsters. Such programms encourage the youth to take this amazing path to the Moon.

The Russian innovative companies have a huge potential to lead the space industry worldwide due to their technological approach and a strong mathematical school.

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