International Conference "Shared Historical Memory: Resistance Movement"

When: June 21, 14:00 CET

Where: Russian House online platform in Brussels (registration required)

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War II and the entry of the Soviet Union into World War II, the Russian House in Brussels, with the support of the municipalities of the communes of the province of Liege in Belgium and the government of the Samara region in Russia, is holding an international conference "Shared Historical Memory: Resistance Movement" dedicated to the fighters with the Nazi occupation and Hitler's regime on the territory of Belgium.

The conference will be attended by historians, researchers of the Resistance movement, representatives of military search associations, who will talk about how the anti-Nazi Resistance was organized in Belgium, who led it, and what was the role of the Soviet soldiers and officers who fled from Nazi captivity and joined the ranks of the Resistance in the Belgian regions of Liege, Luxembourg, Limburg and other regions of the country.

Before the conference, in agreement with the authorities of the Belgian communes of Trois-Pont and Lierneux, "Gardens of Memory" will be planted at the military-memorial cemeteries near the graves of Soviet partisans - members of the Resistance movement.


Plenary session


- Alexander TOKOVININ, Russian Ambassador to Belgium.

- Alexander KHINSTEIN, Deputy of the State Duma of Russia (TVS)

- André SAMRAY, Bourgmestre of the Municipality of Lierneux (Province of Liege)

- Francis BAIRIN, Bourgmestre of the municipality of Trois-Pont (province of Liege)

- Vladimir TERENTYEV, Vice Governor, Head of the Administration of the Governor of the Samara Region

- Konstantin MOGILEVSKY, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Historical Society, Executive Director of the History of the Fatherland Foundation

Session 1

The Resistance Movement in Belgium: A View from Belgium. View from Russia

- Olivier VAN DER WILT, Expert, Royal Museum of the Army and Military History (War Heritage Institute)

- Grigory TSIDENKOV, candidate of sociological sciences, Samara regional historian, author of articles about I. Kulkov and A. Devyatkin

- Jean-Michel BODELET, historian

Session 2

Volunteer and search movements. Preservation of historical memory

- Christian SIMON, President of the Military Historical Society "Historical circle of non-commissioned officers Urt-Amblev" (Belgium)

- Elena GUNDORINA, Director of the Museum of History and Local Lore named after A.V. Yushkina

- Alla ZHUPLATOVA, Head of MBU "Center for Social Projects and Youth Initiatives"

- Elena NAUMOVA, head of the "Patriot" club of the school at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Copenhagen (Kingdom of Denmark)

Simultaneous translation Russian-French